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Whether you are just engaged or approaching the big day, Debrett’s Wedding Consultancy offers impartial and expert advice on all areas of planning your wedding. Please contact us on +44 (0)203 950 5240, or email OllyWalker@debretts.co.uk for more information.

Debrett’s has long been the recognised authority on British tradition and etiquette, but we are well aware that today’s brides and grooms may prefer to incorporate those traditions that mean the most to them and leave behind those that are irrelevant to their lifestyles.

Debrett’s is uniquely positioned not just to offer expert wedding advice, but also guidance on how to negotiate potentially challenging situations concerning family members or friends on your special day with diplomacy and tact.

Based on feedback from couples on what they ‘wished they had known’ while planning their wedding, Debrett’s has created the below three bespoke services.

Choosing the gift list for your wedding? Debrett’s has partnered with The Wedding Shop and has carefully curated the Debrett’s Wedding List which includes both ‘Classic’ and ‘Contemporary’ themes for ease of selection to help you choose the items you will treasure for years to come. Register with Debrett’s and start building your list.

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