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The Royal Family

The line of succession to the British throne is headed by Prince Charles, followed by his eldest son, The Duke of Cambridge, and first grandchild, Prince George of Cambridge. Because, at present, the British Crown descends through the male line, The Queen’s sons – and their children – take precedence over The Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, and her own children.

On 25th April 2013 the Succession to the Crown Act received Royal Assent. This Act abolished the tradition of male-line primogeniture, allowing a female heir to take precedence over her younger brothers. The Act has to be accepted by the fifteen Commonwealth realms where the Queen is head of state, and  is still awaiting completion.

The Succession to the Crown Act brings the UK into line with other European monarchies where ‘absolute primogeniture’ is in force: Sweden (since 1980), The Netherlands (since 1983), Norway (since 1990), Belgium (since 1991), Denmark (since 2008), and Luxembourg (since 2011).