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Whether the next step is to secondary school, university, or the world of work, Debrett’s courses help individuals and school classes perfect their personal presentation, enabling them to show their best selves. 

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Young Achiever Essentials

Created especially for students aged between 15 to 18, the aim of this course is to increase teenagers’ confidence and personal presentation in all social situations, whether that be at school, in interviews, during a work experience placement or in the digital realm.

Young people gain an unrivalled understanding of emotional intelligence and the soft skills required to make a great impression and demonstrate their best selves. A digital etiquette module outlines the pitfalls and possibilities of an online presence.

Topics Include:

  • Mastering appropriate greetings and small talk
  • Presenting yourself with confidence and poise
  • Speaking confidently in public
  • Making a great first impression and being the best guest
  • Dining etiquette essentials
  • Networking and social navigation
  • Managing one’s digital reputation and presence
  • Understanding dress codes for social events

From Classroom to Boardroom

This course covers the essentials for secondary school students looking to make their next step: how to write a CV, prepare for an interview and how to build rapport.

We know how important academic qualifications are, but we also know that they can only go so far when it comes to getting a job. From Classroom to Boardroom helps teens stand out and make that all-important transition from the comforts of home to full-fledged independence.

Topics Include:

  • How to write a CV
  • Interview preparation
  • First impressions
  • Dressing for interviews and the workplace

The Professional Finish

We work with students and graduates aged between 18 and 22 who are focusing on life beyond education, coaching young professionals in the essential skills needed to secure a job and excel in the position once hired.

Participants will come away knowing how to ace a job interview, write business letters, succeed at networking events and understand international etiquette, allowing them to tackle anything that professional life presents.

Topics Include:

  • Developing interview skills to navigate any selection process
  • Understanding the science of professional interaction
  • Dressing for success and master professional presentation and impact
  • Networking, both on and offline
  • Business wardrobe essentials

It’s as far removed from knowing how to eat your peas properly as you can imagine… It gave the girls immense confidence in dealing with some of the things they will have to face when they go out into the world.’ – Oliver Blond, Headmaster, Roedean

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