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We worked with Sainsbury’s in the run-up to Christmas 2017 to produce a guide to help party-goers through the festive season by exploring the etiquette of giving food and drink items at Christmas. The guide was supported by research by Sainsbury’s into the UK’s gift-giving habits, and served to normalise and legitimise the giving of food and drink at Christmas.




Christmas Gift-Giving


Online (8 weeks)


‘Regift with caution: ensure the item is generic enough that the original giver won’t spot it – check for engraving, monogramming or any other personalisation before passing it on.’

Selected Press Coverage

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be a social minefield. Thankfully, the etiquette gurus at Debrett’s have revealed their guide to sailing through the season without making any festive faux pas. Advice includes: sending a thank you text isn’t sufficient, don’t boast about your presents on Instagram and always bring a bottle for the host – but don’t expect to drink it yourself. Teaming up with Sainsbury’s, Debrett’s hopes the guide will teach the public how to be the perfect host and guest.’

Rachel Hosie,