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Modern Gentleman Open Course


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Date and time: Thursday, 24th January 2019 6.30–9pm.

Venue: Central London

Cost: £150 + VAT

Over the past 250 years we have advised men, from literal knights (with and without armour) to recent readers of our best-selling Guide For The Modern Gentleman on what it takes to be a modern gentleman. This brand new open course focuses on chivalry in a fast-paced digital world.

Topics include:

  • Style, shoes & tailoring

Is there still a rule of ‘no brown in town’ when it comes to working in the city? Does ‘business casual’ mean you need a tie? Where can you get a great suit without taking out a mortgage? Find out the style tips and dress code hints that will aid you navigating the minefield that is city life.

  • Grooming

How can you look rugged without looking rough? And how do you keep a beard soft and luscious? Find out the personal maintenance tips that will leave you looking and feeling your best. 

  • Classic cocktails

Discover how to make classic cocktails so delicious you’ll feel like James Bond on a beach holiday. Prepare to create, sip and savour your own whisky sour cocktail during the class. 

  • Confidence hacks 

Learn how to control your nerves and project confidence, both in real life situations as well as on Tinder.


Rupert Wesson is Debrett’s Academy Director, and his work includes coaching communications, leadership and management, as well as advising on corporate culture and style.

Book online, email or call 020 3950 5240 for more information.

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