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How to Land a Great First Job


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You only have to be 5% better to be 100% better

With 23% of university students graduating with a 1st, and a further 70% leaving with a 2.1, standing out from the crowd in the graduate job market has never been more difficult!

A graduate’s CV can be sent to an employer in a matter of seconds (and ignored just as quickly), and even with this first obstacle overcome, questionnaires, video interviews, personal profiles, assessment centres, and daunting panel interviews await.

So how to succeed in the professional Hunger Games that is the graduate job marketplace? We know that 90% of C-Level employers value soft skills as much, if not more than academic skills, while 22% of employers claim that a lack of soft skills amongst young employees had caused them embarrassment in front of clients.

How can Debrett’s help? The How to Land a Great First Job programme is a comprehensive 2-day programme designed to help individuals secure their first job, and excel within the role once appointed. The course will be led by two Debrett’s tutors and covers:

  • How to compose an engaging CV and compelling covering letter
  • Knowing the benefits of social media, and how to use LinkedIn as a professional tool
  • How to ace a face-to-face interview
  • Assessment centres: how to showcase your teamwork skills whilst standing out
  • “Elevator pitch”: how to present and sell yourself with confidence
  • How to identify your strengths and communicate these to any potential employer
  • The importance of networking and how to network efficiently and effectively
  • Understanding and thriving within a professional environment

Contact: DanScothern@Debretts.co.uk

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