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HomeImpact for Women (Turin, 17 October)


Impact for Women (Turin, 17 October)




Date: 17 October 2019

Location: Turin (full details will be emailed to you)

Time: 4pm – 6pm

This programme equips women with the tools to know how to make an impact at work in order to overcome challenges and achieve their professional goals. Through a combination of theory, practice, role play and individual feedback, participants will develop their confidence and learn how to project it to inspire and motivate others. They will hone the communication skills necessary to anticipate and rise to challenges in an arena that often puts them at a disadvantage.

  • Understanding the gender gap and the impact of social conditioning
  • Confidence: building and projecting confidence to inspire others
  • Communication: speaking up and being heard
  • Dealing with aggressive dialogue
  • Non-verbal communication: body language and silent signals
  • Developing your personal brand
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