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Do you know how to tie a bow tie? Debrett’s presents the definitive guide for the modern man. Embracing work, home, time off, women, sport, food and travel, this is the ultimate, aspirational guide to contemporary and stylish 21st-century living. A miscellany of information, from the fundamental to the arcane and quirky, equips today’s man to confront myriad challenges and opportunities with savoir faire and panache.

Content is divided into the following chapters:

  • Man at Work
  • Maintenance
  • At Home
  • City Life
  • Motoring
  • Traveller
  • Gastronomy
  • Time Off
  • New Chivalry

Debrett’s first book defining all aspects of life for the modern man.

  • Humorous and refreshing – an unexpected miscellany of advice and information.
  • Includes behavioural and etiquette advice, along with style guides and interesting facts.
  • Includes advice from leading experts, including wine, tailoring, grooming, golf and skiing.
  • Stylish and slick – designed for quick reference and an easy, absorbing read.
  • Features bespoke black and white and colour illustrations.

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