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Guide to British Style

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Guide to British Style


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Product Description

British style has long had a far-reaching impact that sees it imitated and reimagined around the world. This pocket guide, a creative collaboration between Bicester Village and Debrett’s, reveals the history behind some of the UK’s most cherished items of clothing and deciphers dress codes, from black tie to festival wear.

It also explores the events of both the traditional and the modern social Season.

50% of profits on sales of the guide will be donated by Bicester Village to Bicester Foodbank.

Explore the guide with Bicester Village’s short film:


Style Icons

  • The Trench Coat
  • The Wax Jacket
  • The Wellington Boot
  • The Leather Jacket
  • Jeans
  • Classic Knitwear
  • The British Suit
  • The Shirt
  • The Pocket Square
  • The Tie
  • The Summer Dress
  • The Little Black Dress
  • Very British Shoes
  • Hats for the Season
  • The Watch
  • The Handbag
  • The Silk Scarf
  • Diamonds

Dress Codes

  • Black Tie
  • Morning Dress
  • Uniform Dress
  • Country Wear

The Season

  • Traditional
  • Modern

Additional Information

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Dimensions 12 x 0.6 x 14.6 cm
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