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Debrett’s Notebook in Pelham Pink


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Our leatherbound A5 notebooks are available in a range of classic colours and contain a handy, 16-page almanac to help you decipher all manner of modern etiquette conundrums. With tips for tipping, a run-down of dress codes and an exhaustive manual for modern communication, the Debrett’s Almanac will demystify through any number of baffling social situations. Information includes:

 ·         A dictionary of British slang

·         A guide to popular emojis and when to use them

·         Texting acronyms translated

·         A guide to email etiquette

·         A manifesto on social media best practice

·         Tipping protocol and taboos when travelling abroad

Our notebooks are handcrafted in the UK with the finest level of detail to include:

  • Supple Pelham Pink leather covers
  • A grosgrain indexing ribbon in gold
  • Gold-stamped cover with the Debrett’s logo and ‘Notes’
  • brown/gold heritage endpapers
  • Dimensions: Portrait A5 / w15.2cm x h21.5cm / w6” x h8.4”
  • Gilt-edged 90gsm, high opacity smooth cream-coloured paper
  • Expanding inside back pocket for business cards, receipts etc
  • Notes pages with Debrett’s coronet on bottom corners

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