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Modern Gentleman’s Programme


  • Master the intricacies of etiquette across style, social and professional spheres
  • Create the best first impressions with gravitas and grace
  • Experience first-hand the history and conventions of Savile Row, exploring the complexities of dress codes and style
  • Communicate calm confidence and perfect your personal impact through body language, dress and style.

This three-day course teaches the essential facets of confident and courteous behaviour from three angles – style, social and professional – encouraging new skills and behaviours to guarantee success and self-assurance both professionally and personally. The programme includes excursions to a men’s outfitter’s on Savile Row, Claridge’s for lunch, and a traditional afternoon tea.

  • Formal greetings and body language
  • Elevator pitch and public speaking
  • The art and science of networking
  • Guide to formal dining and afternoon tea
  • Everyday manners, both social and professional
  • Understanding personal style and dress codes
  • Intricacies of the British social Season
  • Putting it into practice – lunch at Claridge’s and a gentleman’s outing

For enquiries, call +44 (0)20 3950 5240 or email OllyWalker@debretts.co.uk

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