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Hosting and Entertainment

Private coaching or group course (full day)

Contact: +44 (0)20 3705 2210 or email

Prices (excluding VAT):

  • Group course: £850 plus VAT per person
  • Private coaching: £1,450 plus VAT per person

Duration: One full day
Capacity: 5 – 8 delegates


A well-rounded social life means being able to handle both hosting and attending events. From drawing up a guest list and devising a seating plan, to sending your hostess the right flowers and making everyone feel at ease, this course is all about mastering the art of the party.

Group bookings (minimum three people) are welcome should you wish to attend with friends or family members.

Course Modules

Module 1 – What kind of party is it?

  • From a hosted dinner to your child’s 21st, a guide to different types of party.
  • Invitation stationery
  • Guest list management

Lunch at Claridge’s



Module 2 – Dining etiquette (held at Claridge’s)

  • Help! Which knife and fork do I use?
  • Laying the table for different occasions.
  • Can I eat asparagus with my hands? And other dining conundrums .
  • Placement



Module 3 – Saying thank you

  • What to give your host
  • Flowers – getting them right
  • The perfect thank you letter

The School of Etiquette Courses

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