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HomeGuide to Great British Road Etiquette, inspired by Ford Vignale

Guide to Great British Road Etiquette, inspired by Ford Vignale

Ford UK wanted to promote its luxury Vignale range and to advocate more considerate driving by launching a Guide to Great British Road Etiquette.

We conducted a comprehensive survey of the UK’s road users to inform a ten-point guide to motoring manners. The guide tackled motorists’ top driving bugbears, from tailgating to not saying thank you, with advice for passengers, cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians as well as drivers.

The campaign was supported by a half-day of radio interviews with a Debrett’s spokesperson.






Online (8 weeks)


‘It may be tempting to touch-up your mascara or brush your beard while stuck in a traffic jam, but keep your attention on the road: you wouldn’t want to be mid-eyebrow tweeze when the queue in front of you finally moves forward.’

Selected Press Coverage

‘Are our driving manners on a one-way road to ruin? New figures would suggest so, with more than 75 per cent of Brits saying that motoring etiquette had declined over the past five to ten years. Esteemed etiquette guide Debrett’s has teamed up with Ford Vignale to create the ultimate motoring etiquette guide on the back of their research into Brits’ biggest motoring bugbears.’


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