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Country clothing

Country style Bike in Tweed
Country clothing

Dress codes in rural areas may be more traditional than in cities. Some guidelines on what to wear are based on practicality; clothes should be appropriate for the weather and outdoor activities, and warm enough for drafty houses. For example a woman would not wear very high heels and a short tight skirt to a Sunday lunch, which may include a walk. Instead jeans or cords, with a shirt or jumper, is correct.

Country Style and Colours
Traditionally black is still seen as a city colour, other than for funerals. Men wear brown rather than black shoes, and tweeds. Women might wear black for formal dinners or dances but not for daytime. Women would not usually wear a tailored jacket indoors in a social rather than business setting, but might choose either a gilet, or a jumper or cardigan.

Outdoors weatherproof jackets are worn in preference to woollen overcoats. Colours are muted; greens and browns are more rural than black or navy blue or anything hi-vis. Country sports, even if not practised, are the inspiration for the ‘correct style’; it is worth noting, however, that the wearing of jodhpurs or hacking jackets by fashionistas may cause amusement in country circles. Dressing for an activity in which a person is not taking part is unwise; for example a man who is not actually shooting should avoid plus fours.

Scarves and woollen or fake fur hats are frequently worn by women, while flat caps for men may be worn. Walking shoes or boots are left at the door and slip-on shoes such as loafers usually worn indoors. The wearing of trainers indoors and outdoors is generally frowned upon.

Full-time country people tend to dress up for social and sporting events more than weekenders, who may take the opportunity to dress down, and this can cause clashes of dress codes. As for other dress codes, err on the side of effort and do not be afraid to ask in advance what others are going to be wearing.