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Etiquette is a set of guidelines that have evolved to make everyone feel welcomed and valued, to make everyday life easier, removing anxiety and awkwardness. The essence of good manners is to treat other people as you would wish to be treated yourself – it does not have to mean adopting opaque rituals and exaggerated behaviour.

Browse our online etiquette guides to find practical advice for unfamiliar social situations – whether you need to know which cutlery to use at a formal dinner, or how to write to a bishop. Alternatively, contact our academy on for information on our courses.

‘People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.’

M A Y A  A N G E L O U 


Whether you need to know how to announce a birth or what to wear to Royal Ascot, you can find the answer in our comprehensive online guides. For even more information on modern etiquette, browse our range of books.


A comprehensive guide to forms of address, formal occasions, modern manners, dress codes, hosting and entertaining, Debrett’s Handbook is a trustworthy companion to social life and rites of passage.


One of the most important days of your life, planning a wedding can present a host of etiquette conundrums. Whether you need to know how to word the invitation, whom to invite, what flowers to choose, or the traditional order of speeches, Debrett’s experts have plenty of practical advice.


Debrett’s revised and updated Wedding Handbook is the definitive guide to planning your wedding day, with practical advice on all aspects of the planning process, from announcing the engagement, to drawing up a guest list, budgeting, and choosing a venue, food, drink and entertainment.

The wedding shop

We understand couples’ desire to combine meaningful wedding traditions with modern-day reality in a style uniquely your own. We are thrilled to partner with The Wedding Shop, which has an impressive and beautiful range of contemporary and classic wedding gift list items, all of which are ideal for a couple embarking on their new life together.

In keeping with Debrett’s values of enduring quality and timeless style, The Wedding Shop is also known for its exemplary service, knowledge and expertise in assisting couples in choosing wedding gifts they will treasure for a lifetime.