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The Office Party: Do’s & Don’ts


It’s mid-November, the John Lewis Christmas advert has been revealed and there are only 39 days until Santa comes down the chimney. This can mean only one thing: the dreaded office party is just around the corner.

Fret not, however; we’ve compiled some do’s and don’ts that will ensure you’ll breeze through the celebrations without a single festive faux pas.

Act Smart at The Office Party:

Do: Embrace the dress code. Whether it’s a Christmas jumper job or a black tie affair, wearing the appropriate apparel shows respect to your colleagues.

Don’t forget: You’re under the watchful eye of senior management.

Do: Circulate and socialise. Chat with members of the office you don’t normally interact with day-to-day.

Don’t get carried away: We guarantee that using your boss’ credit card for thirty-something espresso martinis will leave you with more than a hangover the next day.

Do: Ask colleagues about their families, children and holidays.

Don’t gossip: Or spread rumours, or confess your sins…

Do: Pace yourself, eat plenty and alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water.

Don’t linger under the mistletoe: Steer clear of dirty dancing.

Do: Keep goodnight kisses innocent (or better still, avoid entirely). Wake up in a familiar place, e.g. not the hospital or on the pavement.

Don’t pull a sickie the day after: It’s not cool

So, don your Santa hat, enjoy the free food and drink provided by the company, and keep a cool head.

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