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Eerie encounters


Something spooky this way comes, sending a chill down the spine and striking terror into the stoutest of hearts…

Forget ghosts, zombies and witches: the most frightening encounters usually involve living, breathing human beings. Whether it’s getting somebody’s name wrong or turning up to a party in a ballgown when everybody else is in jeans, this is truly the stuff of nightmares.

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re counting down our top 10 most terrifyingly awkward etiquette scenarios. Prepare to shiver, tremble and scream (and add your own in the comments section…)

10. Listening to your favourite Celine Dion song at full volume on your commute to work – only to discover that your headphones aren’t plugged in.

9. Having to take a lift with just one other person. Never. Make. Eye contact.

8. Forgetting someone’s name at the precise moment that you’re required to introduce them to someone else.

7. Getting stuck talking to the most boring person at a party. If you’ve never experienced this, that could mean it’s you.

6. Receiving a terrible gift and inadvertently betraying the full extent of your disappointment.

5. Lunging for a kiss when the other person goes to shake your hand. The horror.

4. Accidentally re-gifting something to the person who gave it to you in the first place. Shudder.

3. Suffering a fit of uncontrollable nervous giggles when someone’s telling you bad news.

2. Turning up to a party massively over- or under-dressed.

1. Accidentally sending a gossipy message to the person you’re gossiping about.

What’s the most terrifying social scenario you’ve ever encountered?

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