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Debrett’s in Italy


Next month we will be delivering several days of training sessions in Milan and Turin, focusing on international business etiquette, language and social skills as part of a series of international workshops in Italy, India and the UAE.

Rupert Wesson, director of Debrett’s Academy, says “We have been working with individuals and companies all over the globe for the past seven years, and we are excited to have feet on the ground in Italy.”

We will be working with Laila Teresa, Italian-based lecturer and entrepreneur, to deliver these programmes. “Many individuals find their access to business opportunities has been limited by their lack of confidence, appropriate etiquette and social skills” says Laila, “and who better to partner with than Debrett’s?”

Debrett’s Academy was established in 2012 and helps individuals and businesses around the world succeed both personally and professionally in areas such as international business, sales, communication skills, networking, public speaking and hospitality.

Our events in Italy begin on 15th October 2019 in Milan, and places are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

For further information or to reserve your place, please contact or call us on 0203 950 5219.


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