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Debrett’s Ask The Expert: I’m always the odd man out at work. Should I speak up for myself?

In our latest advice column for City AM, the Debrett’s Office Politics Expert advises a reader on how to engage in a debate when you find yourself in the minority.

Q: When discussing certain topics with my colleagues I often find that I’m the odd person out. While I’ve tried to stay away from debating the usual hot topics such as politics or religion, the recent referendum and its consequences mean I’d have to play deaf, dumb and mute to dispel an office ambush. Should I speak up for myself, or keep the peace by staying quiet?

Recent events have brought the topic of politics into water cooler conversations around the country. In the wake of the EU referendum, many of us feel the need to express our surprise and to discuss the professional and personal ramifications it may have.

The vote will have a direct impact on many businesses, meaning that it’s a subject for discussion in the boardroom too, affecting strategy and HR, and even potentially leading to restructuring or relocation. The traditional advice, therefore – that politics is a conversation topic best avoided – hardly applies. Read more…

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