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What to Wear to Cheltenham Festival


The first of the Season’s events, Cheltenham Festival is one of the more relaxed horse racing events as it does not have a formal dress code.

Taking place in March in the UK, it’s wise to dress warmly. Here are our top tips on what to wear if you’re planning on attending the Gold Cup on Friday the 15th of March.

  • Although there’s no formal dress code, smart outdoor winter dress is expected in the Club Enclosure.
  • Men usually choose to show off their tweeds. A shooting jacket is a great option as it is both comfortable and warm.
  • Wednesday is Ladies’ Day and many complement their outfits with a hat. Currently in vogue are hats adorned with colourful pheasant tail feathers. Gents normally wear trilbys.
  • Given that two-thirds of the car parks are on grass, ensure to wear suitable footwear. (Stilettos sink in the mud..)

Whatever your style, place your bets, relax and enjoy the racing, as the Season has officially begun! And to find out more about the Season’s schedule of events, take a look at the Debrett’s Handbook. Also available to electronically download here.

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