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B is for… (Royal) Baby


In a week where the ‘b’ word, yes Brexit, has dominated the news, we thought we’d turn our attention to the other ‘b’ word: (the royal baby) which stole headlines on Monday and added a ray of light to an otherwise gloomy autumnal sky.

Here are the top three questions we received form the world’s media and readers alike on the announcement of the Royal baby. 

To Whom Will the Royal baby Have to Bow/Curtsy to? 

 We can only imagine that behind closed doors the Royal family are more relaxed and informal when it comes to greeting each other than the strict protocol they follow when in front of the world’s TV cameras.

What is the Protocol Surrounding Royal pregnancies?

There is no official protocol, although good manners dictate that, after the parents of the happy couple finding out, the rest of the Royal family would be informed ahead of the announcement to the press.

What Title will Harry and Meghan’s Child Receive?

The son or daughter of a Duke and Duchess would automatically receive the title of Lord or Lady. However, as Prince Harry is sixth in the line of succession there is no reason that the child wouldn’t receive the title of Prince or Princess closer to the birth, should The Queen decree it. Indeed, in 2012 Her Majesty issued a decree allowing Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis to have their respective titles.

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