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4 Ways to Navigate the Rule of 6


Coming in top of sentences we never thought we’d type, it’s now illegal to socialise with more than five other people. But how can you stick to the new ‘Rule of 6’ without offending your friends? As meeting up becomes more complicated than ever, here are some simple steps to keeping your social life intact:

1.)   Be honest
You’d planned a birthday party in the park, but the new rule has scuppered it. Secretly trying to rearrange it with only your favourite five guests could cause offence if you’re inadvertently outed to those who didn’t make the cut. Instead, contact all those invited to let them know the new plan: whether you have to cancel, postpone until the rule is eased, or arrange several smaller gatherings over the course of a few weekends instead.

2.)   Go it alone
While there’s a limit on individuals, there’s no such restriction on the number of ‘households’ allowed to meet up. If you’ve got a partner or family, we’re guessing you’ve seen enough of them over the last few months, so the new rule could be an opportunity to leave them behind for a day or evening and reconnect with friends.

3.)   Don’t expect others to bend the rules
Packing a rugby ball doesn’t turn a picnic into organised sport; nor do we recommend buying a whiteboard to pretend that your living room is an educational setting. However creative it might be, suggesting a workaround to allow more people to attend your gathering could make others feel uncomfortable. Even if you’re prepared to bend the rules, don’t expect others to do so.

4.)   Make the most of it

There’s a lot to be said for small gatherings: they’re easier to manage, more intimate, and give you a chance to speak to everyone properly. So while there’s a genuine, enforceable-by-law reason to keep it selective, make the most of it. For that sprawling family Christmas, there’s always 2021…

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