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Debrett’s and Vype Guide to Vaping Etiquette

Once a rare sight, e-cigarettes have well and truly entered the mainstream in recent years, with more and more people taking up vaping around the world. To clarify some of the social rules around this new pastime Vype turned to Debrett’s to publish a guide to the etiquette of vaping.

The guide was based on a survey commissioned by Vype, which demonstrated that 57% of vapers were still confused by where and when it was considered acceptable to vape. And while 80 per cent of vapers surveyed said that they tried to be considerate of the people around them, one-third of non-vapers felt a lack of consideration amongst vapers. Clearly, there is still room for understanding to help us navigate a path through such a social minefield.

Selected Press Coverage

The vaping etiquette guide represents a great example of what can still be done to gain national traction and attention even within advertising limits. British American Tobacco and Vype featured heavily in the public discourse around the time of the release – in contrast to Blu, which published a very similar survey but received comparatively little attention.”

Freddie Dawson, ECigIntelligence, March 2017