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Good Morning: variations on the traditional wedding suit


It’s easy to assume that men have it easy when it comes to wedding-wear. Surely all they have to do is remember to collect their suit from the dry cleaners and pick out a suitable tie?

Not anymore. Men are increasingly making their own mark on the wedding ‘uniform’ of a traditional morning suit or lounge suit in grey or navy.

If you’re tempted to try something different this year, here are a few options to consider:

A Kilt

South of the border, kilts should technically only be worn by Scots or those with close Scottish ties. Then again, we can probably all just about locate a Celtic clan lurking somewhere in our family tree.

At a wedding, a kilt is usually worn with a Highland jacket or doublet, a waistcoat and tie, and a dress sporran (the leather or fur pouch that hangs from the waist). If you’re unsure of your kilt-wearing credentials, you can still incorporate some Caledonian flair into your wedding outfit with a pair of trews, or tartan trousers, worn with a morning coat and waistcoat.

Dress Uniform

One of the dress code options on the wedding invitations sent out by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle this week, ‘uniform’ is restricted to serving army officers or those with honorary titles. For those who fit these criteria, formal military uniform is a smart and striking alternative to the morning suit.

A Three-piece Suit

If you’re opting for the ‘lounge suit’ dress code given as an alternative to morning dress on the royal wedding invitations, a waistcoat will add the dash that distinguishes wedding-wear from work-wear. Take your style inspiration from three-piece fans David Gandy, Idris Elba or Zayn Malik. Unlike the waistcoat worn with morning dress, this one should match the colour of your suit.

Unusual Colours

Olympic swimmer Tom Daly wore maroon to marry Justin Dance-Black, while musician Jamie Hince was a vision in powder blue at his wedding to Kate Moss. The ever immaculate Eddie Redmayne often opts for unorthodox suit colours, and even managed to pull off head-to- toe plaid at a recent red carpet event.

This option takes confidence and a certain type of wedding. If you suspect the event will be more village green than Gretna Green, save your flashier suit for when your best friend gets married in Vegas.

Notorious No-Nos

If you do decide to have a little fun with your wedding-wear, be mindful of the following faux pas:

  • Wing collars – a wing collar should only be worn with white tie
  • Cravats – often worn with the aforementioned erroneous wing collar, a cravat is just unnecessary when the sleeker, smarter tie will do nicely.
  • No neckwear – unless you’re attending a wedding on a beach, or the dress code is explicitly casual, wear a tie or run the risk of being mistaken for the caterer.

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