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Five Ways to Make Your Wedding Go with a Swing

It was a surfeit of wedding invitations that reportedly inspired Richard Curtis to write Four Weddings and a Funeral, and many of us will be similarly familiar with ‘wedding season’, attending what can feel like one for every weekend of the summer. While your wedding day puts you and your spouse-to-be in the spotlight, it is also the chance to share your commitment with your closest friends and family in one big, well-organised celebration. Keep them catered- and cared-for throughout the day by getting a few basics right:

Choose your team carefully
A reliable wedding team – best man, ushers and bridesmaids – can make all the difference to the smooth running of your day and your guests’ enjoyment of it. You may have a friend of many years’ standing who is extremely close, but who won’t make the most dependable best man or maid of honour. If that’s the case, consider involving them in some other way – perhaps by asking them to give a reading, or to act as Master of Ceremonies. It’s also increasingly common for grooms to have two best men, each of whom might have different strengths. ‘I knew Sam would give a great speech and organise an unforgettable stag,’ says Andrew, ‘But Dan was more likely to remember the rings and turn up to the rehearsal on time. In the end, I decided to ask both.’

Timing is everything
From ceremony to last call on the dance floor, a wedding may last up to ten or eleven hours, which can prove a tiring ordeal for guests, especially the elderly and young children. Try to place a time limit on those aspects of the day prone to dragging on – such as photographs, the drinks reception and speeches. It’s also worth considering the distance of the reception venue from the ceremony – a long journey can break the momentum of the day and leave guests feeling prematurely frazzled and weary.

Let them eat cake (and canapés)
Nerves and excitement might put paid to couples’ own appetites, but a traditional early afternoon start, plus extra time spent waiting around for photographs or transport, can make for hungry guests. Liz and Jamie sated rumbling stomachs by serving sandwiches along with champagne on the buses they’d hired to transport guests from the ceremony to the reception venue. Not only did this appease hunger pangs, but it was also a fun talking point for those guests who didn’t already know each other. If a portable picnic isn’t an option, try to ensure food is ready to be served as soon as guests arrive at the reception: substantial canapés will also help soak up alcohol.

Get personal
Personal touches can help make a wedding truly memorable, and there are many ways for couples to inject their own personalities into a traditional wedding, from the choice of readings or music at the ceremony to the table decorations at the reception. You may choose to recruit friends or relations with particular talents in flower-arranging or baking to help decorate the venue or make the cake, ensuring they feel involved and contributing to the personal feel of the day. This can also mean you avoid the premium prices usually charged by a wedding florist or baker! Use the speeches as an opportunity to thank anyone who has helped out. Personalised favours, such as miniature jars of jam or boxes of chocolates, can also ensure guests feel special and appreciated.

Face the music
Budget permitting, a great band or DJ can make a wedding evening, dragging even the most reluctant of dancers onto the floor and ensuring they stay there. Ask friends for recommendations, but beware of straying from professionals: while a guest with a laptop full of hits might save you money, they may not have the expertise or staying power of a pro. Make sure your band or DJ plays music that will appeal to all generations, perhaps by asking guests to include their own requests when they RSVP.

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