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Diary of a Bride-to-Be Week 20: The Day

So, it’s all over, and we – just about – pulled off the wedding-in-20-weeks. 

Writing this on honeymoon from a slightly overcast Greece, I’m still smiling about The Day. Not because I felt like a ‘princess’, or because the tablecloths were perfectly starched or the glasses gleaming or because the wine matched the food, but because of the many little sparks of happiness that can only come from a day – any day – spent with family and friends. 

To spare you TOO much smug recollection, and to show that some of the most memorable and funny parts of the wedding were the ones that went slightly awry, here are a few highlights: 

  • Having my grandmother there, despite her road being flooded the day before (she was given a lift through the deluge by an engineer from South-East Water)
  • The wedding rehearsal the night before. Just after we had left, our vicar came running after us to say he’d forgotten something – then said a prayer for us as we all stood right there in the street.
  • My mother’s reaction to me still tweaking the seating plan at 9pm on the eve of the day.
  • Sharing a bed with my two bridesmaids the night before the wedding, and two-thirds of us getting no sleep whatsoever while the third slept soundly. 
  • Reading Where the Wild Things Are to my nephew and niece during 10 minutes’ downtime on the wedding morning, with my hair all done up in rollers and clips.
  • The white ‘bridal’ taxi showing up to the wrong house, and transporting my brother and sister-in-law in full beribboned regalia to the church. (My dad and I travelled by classic black cab instead, so no complaints from me!)
  • My nephew deciding at the very last minute that he did want to be a page boy after all, and solemnly accompanying his bridesmaid sister down the aisle in his best knitted jumper and checked shirt.
  • Managing not to laugh or cry during the vows.
  • Sharing the aforementioned taxi with my HUSBAND from the church to the reception, and us both being a bit giggly and dazed.
  • Looking at photographs of cross-group interactions afterwards. My aunt talking to my university friend, my father deep in conversation with the best man’s wife, two sets of siblings interacting, having never met before…

As for our success in organising a wedding with the minimum of fuss, expense and attention? It probably depends on your definition of ‘minimum’, but the results were mixed. As we discovered, however, we weren’t the only people who deserved a say in the matter, and we were ultimately  happy that we’d conceded and compromised where possible. 

So while I can’t guarantee that your wedding day will go super-smoothly and entirely without a hitch, I can promise that, with any luck, you will come out of the experience smiling – and feeling closer to, and a million times more appreciative of, all those who’ve helped you get through it. 

A final word of advice, therefore? Don’t forget to say thank you!

What were the ‘best bits’ of your wedding day? Share your experience in the comments section below

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