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10 Things You Never Know Until You’ve Planned a Wedding


1) That flowers could be so expensive

2) That you might worry about how a bouquet would photograph

3) That cakes could be so expensive

4) What pew-ends are

5) That eloping might suddenly seem like a thoroughly excellent idea

6) That you would care about the difference between cream, ivory, and off-white

7) That your spouse-to-be might develop selective colour-blindness when asked to choose between cream, ivory, or off-white

8) That cake, champagne and canapé tastings could be a highly effective bargaining tool

9) That changing your surname to that of your spouse might hold less appeal when you discover it means changing not just your passport and driver’s licence, but email addresses, bank account details, credit cards, loyalty cards, etc, etc…

10) That you and your spouse would ever consider performing a fully rehearsed dance routine in front of all your family and friends

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