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Behind the gloss of festive celebrations and the camaraderie of leaving do’s is the reality that you are socialising with colleagues under the watchful eye of those higher up the food chain. Be smart and social, but know when to draw the line. Circulate and socialise, but keep it upbeat and general. Ask about families, children and holidays. Don’t gossip, spread rumours or confess your sins. Steer clear of mistletoe and dirty dancing, and keep goodnight kisses innocent.
Remember the basics: avoid shots, eat well, alternate drinks with water. Have fun and a few glasses, but don’t be the casualty everyone is talking about (and sniggering at) the next day. If things start feeling dangerous, call it a night. The day after still counts too. Crawling in hungover and late (or worse, pulling a sickie) is unforgivably unprofessional.

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