“Though they can be daunting, interviews are nonetheless a useful opportunity for both candidate and prospective employer to get to know each other better.

Here are a few other pointers to bear in mind:

Good presentation is essential, but gauge the formality of the company to help you determine the most appropriate form of dress – what’s expected from a finance role may be very different from one in the creative industries.

Prepare thoroughly, and ensure you have researched the company and the role. Try to anticipate the type of questions you might be asked, and have some responses ready so that you feel confident going in to the interview.

Equally, ensure you respond honestly and fully, allowing your personality and skills to shine through rather than reeling off stock responses.

Have some questions prepared: they will demonstrate an interest in the position and the company, and provide a good opportunity for a more natural conversation with your interviewer.

After the interview, follow up with a thank-you email. Ensure you respond graciously whatever the outcome. If you miss out on the role, consider asking for feedback.

For more information, on mastering interview techniques, consider our Interview Preparation Programme 

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