On arrival, ensure that you are happy with the room’s location and standard: now is the time to negotiate improvements. A smile and civil behaviour should ensure that you receive the service you desire. Issues should be taken up with reception; only resort to speaking to the manager if you reach stalemate. If running late when checking out, a call to reception should secure an extra hour or two.
Don’t help yourself to bathrobes, fixtures and fittings.
On an extended hotel stay, ensure that the maid doesn’t change linen every day – instructions are usually given in the bathroom. Leaving used towels on the floor or in the bath is an invitation to have fresh ones substituted.
In smarter hotels, tipping will be expected. Give a small gratuity (i.e. one or two pounds, euros, dollars, etc., as appropriate) to bellboys or porters per piece of luggage if they take your bags to your room. Doormen should be tipped upon checking out if they have helped with taxis or luggage. A banknote may be left in your room for housekeeping. Check whether a service charge is included in your room service bill. If not, add ten per cent at the end of your stay and ask that it be given to the appropriate staff members.

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