Whilst strict rules of dress disappeared with the burning of bras in the 1960s, today’s fashion etiquette revolves not around rigid, restrictive do’s and don’ts, but around the golden rule of propriety: always dress appropriately for the occasion. If in doubt about what to wear for a function, ask someone who is personally involved. Fashion is no longer prescriptive: it is not about what ‘goes together’ – if it feels good to you, you’re probably doing something right.
Don’t fall into the trap of becoming a fashion snob, particularly when it comes to labels. There’s a fine line between looking stylish and looking like a fashion victim. The key to fashion is allowing one’s eye to adjust to what’s new and applying it carefully to one’s own look, rather than slavishly buying the latest creations that appear on the catwalks of Milan (which may be entirely inappropriate for your age or figure) or, worse, lingering in a fashion rut.

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