As the night progresses you may think you’re becoming a better dancer, but the opposite is usually true. If you’ve turned into a sweaty, uncoordinated muddle of flailing limbs it is time to withdraw. Equally, if you find yourself alone on the dance floor it may also be wise to exit, unless your Travolta-esque routine has drawn an admiring crowd.
If you are asked to dance and do not want to do so, refuse politely – an excuse might help to make the supplicant feel less rejected. There are certain occasions when you should make an effort to participate. If you are at a wedding or party and everyone else is dancing it would look antisocial to sit at the side. You will get lost in the crowd, so don’t worry about looking foolish. If you are not confident, just keep it simple.
If you are out with one other person don’t leave them sitting on the sidelines while you take to the dance floor. They may well be bored by the spectacle of you dancing or, worse still, secretly laughing.

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