A church christening (known officially as baptism) welcomes a child (or adult) into the faith of that church. Parents, relatives, the chosen godparents and close friends attend, and the day should be treated as a formal occasion. Non- religious ceremonies are known as naming-parties. Anything goes here.
Christenings often take place during a normal Sunday service. If you aren’t a regular church-goer, attempt to engage with the whole service, and avoid looking bored or restless. Dress smartly – jeans are not appropriate. If in doubt, check with the child’s parents. During the ceremony, certain questions are put to the baptism party. It is advisable to respond positively and heartily, showing your support for the child and his/her parents.
A gift for the child may be presented to the parents. A small, white leather-bound bible is a traditional gift, as is silverware – such as a charm bracelet or engraved picture frame. If you wish to go down a less traditional route, simply ensure that the gift is a keepsake that can be treasured by the child in the years to come.

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