The ennui that you experience when you are forced to listen to a boring conversation can be quite excruciating. But you must at all costs disguise, or dispense with, the physical manifestations of boredom – yawning, watering eyes, a fixed and glazed look, frequent glances at your watch, a tendency to cast your eyes around the room looking for an escape route. Instead, take the bull by the horns; interject, crack a joke, change the course of the conversation, introduce another person into the group, make a graceful exit.
If you have suffered from boredom yourself, you should be all too aware of the manifestations of boredom in others. Never risk being a bore by following these rules: listen to what people have to say; react to their conversation; ask questions; only hold forth if you are invited to; keep your obsessions to yourself; never lecture or harangue. Above all, be aware that a proper conversation requires the full participation of at least two people.

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