The best man’s speech is expected to be the highlight of the proceedings, a witty and funny account of the groom and a sincere reflection on their friendship. There is a rough format that can be adapted to fit in with the speech.

He should begin by reading out messages – originally telegrams and letters, nowadays usually emails, letters or messages – from friends and relatives who couldn’t attend.

He then tells a selection of stories and anecdotes about the groom.

He is expected to reveal something light-hearted and fun that will embarrass the groom.

The speech should also include some stories about the couple, how they met, their relationship and a few compliments for the bride.

The best man’s speech should be witty and amusing rather than shocking; it must appeal to all generations.
Jokes should be funny and light hearted, never rude or smutty.

The best man should not feel like he has to speak for a very long time; some of the most successful best man speeches are short, funny, heartfelt and charming with some memorable one-liners.

He finishes with a toast to ‘Mr and Mrs [newly-weds’ surname]’. He will then announce the cutting of the cake, if applicable.

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