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Arrogant people are blessed. They are lucky enough to be thick-skinned, brandishing their own certainty and lack of self-doubt or humility as they ride roughshod over the petty issues of other, lesser mortals. Their ability to remain unbowed, cantering through life without a care about the effects of their actions on those around them is enviable, but the effect of arrogance is distinctly undesirable. Arrogant people are, quite simply, rude. People who have no self-doubt, who proceed without looking left and right to check the feelings of those around them are not people we should be rushing to befriend. Unfortunately, arrogance – that overbearing pride and superiority shown towards perceived inferiors – is now all too often associated with the drive to succeed, to get on, not to be held back by others. Do not be tempted by this empty formula: we train our children to be considerate of others, why do we imagine that a vital life-skill should ebb away in the name of agood business deal? Remember the American proverb, ‘Arrogance is a kingdom without a crown.’

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