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‘Anger fed is dead – ’Tis starving makes it fat.’
Emily Dickinson

In a world where cool self-possession is the Holy Grail of behaviour, anger would seem to be at the unacceptable end of the spectrum; yet anger can clear the air instantaneously, making us feel intensely alive. Sulking – the younger brother of anger – does none of this and can lead to real festering and real trouble. But blowing your top can have fall-out, so be prepared to pay the price for words shot out in anger. Never forget that the joy of fury is one-sided: you may thrill to the rush of blood to the head, the excitement of finally being brave enough to say what you want; but the other person may just see a bug-eyed lunatic spitting out insults. So enjoy anger, but use it sparingly. Use it wisely – it can rebound on its perpetrator. Employ devastating logic rather than insults, even when your ire is at its peak. Finally, if the tables are turned and the anger is directed at you, just laugh – there is no better way of deflating someone else’s balloon of hot air.

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