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In which our bride-in-20-weeks considers her options for the wedding breakfast. And is it ever reasonable to expect fine dining at a wedding?

With 20 weeks to plan a wedding, I didn’t anticipate that we’d encounter a lull in proceedings at any point, but so it has

Three words: Harvey Nichols Sale. Within half an hour he’d found a suit, tried it on and bought it. The trousers still need to

The Diary of a Bride-to-be is taking a break from normal service this week to talk about a topic not directly related to wedding

Of all the stumbling-blocks a wedding can present, the guest list seems to be the most troublesome. Even friends who have glided effortlessly through

This is the part I’ve been dreading. A wedding dress somehow makes a wedding all the more…weddingy. And we’re still in denial about how

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