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The Art of Digital Messaging with Messenger from Facebook

We were approached by Messenger from Facebook to write a guide to online messaging etiquette based on global research findings. The 1,000-word guide was hosted on Messenger’s newsroom website and printed and distributed to press.

The guide received coverage in most major UK news outlets online and in print. Spokesperson Katherine Lewis hosted a press breakfast for journalists in New York, and Debrett’s associate director Lucy Hume took part in 12 interviews for BBC radio.


Social Media


Digital messaging


Online and print


‘Keep the tone of your messages upbeat and neutral – avoid using sarcasm or irony unless you are confident the other person will get the joke. If you’re unsure how a message will be interpreted, include a positive symbol or affectionate emoji to make it clear it is well intended..’

Selected Press Coverage

Debrett’s, the renowned 250-year-old etiquette authority, has released a guide to digital messaging that includes advice on navigating ghosting, oversharing and group chats. The guide was created using research conducted by Messenger from Facebook, which found that 69 per cent of people think that rules of etiquette should be applied to digital conversations.