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Selling and Relationship Building

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Businesses can only grow if they can keep existing clients whilst also winning new ones, and the skills required for both of these vital activities are similar. They require businesses to understand the needs of their clients and the best way of doing this is through careful questioning.

This highly practical programme covers everything from sales meetings and pitches to becoming the trusted provider for key clients. It reveals how to build trust at every stage of the process and how to avoid the pitfalls that will strain or even break a relationship.

The programme will demonstrate how to adapt your style in order to build rapport with clients very quickly. It can also show how to build that relationship in a variety of organisational contexts as well as across cultures.

  • Understanding the power of persuasion
  • Understanding the pitch process
  • Building rapport
  • Adapting your style
  • Uncovering the client’s need
  • Preparing and delivering a sales pitch

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