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Quintessentially British Programme



  • Gain a first-hand insight into centuries of British heritage and tradition from the authority on etiquette, influence and achievement.
  • Receive a masterclass in style, manners and social etiquette
  • Learn how to navigate the British social season, understanding the history, conventions and dress codes

British traditions and niceties can present a minefield to those unfamiliar with them. On this two-day course, Debrett’s sheds light on a range of social topics from a traditionally British perspective – including meeting and greeting, the events and dress codes of the Season, afternoon tea, and hosting and being a gracious guest.

  • Formal greetings and building rapport
  • Understanding dress codes
  • Afternoon tea; the intricacies and history
  • How to host and be the best guest
  • Dining essentials: correct tableware, laying the table and eating challenging foods
  • Events, traditions and dress codes of the British social season
  • Modern manners for social occasions: entrances, toasts, thank yous and pitfalls to avoid

For enquiries, call +44 (0)20 3950 5240 or email

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