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Young Achiever Essentials


  • Increase confidence and personal presentation in all social situations
  • Gain an unrivalled understanding of etiquette, emotional intelligence and soft skills
  • Utilise all digital and social media outlets with awareness and efficacy

During this two-day course, young people gain the confidence and skills to make a great impression and demonstrate their best selves, whether in social situations, at school, in interviews or when applying for work experience. The course includes a digital etiquette module to outline the pitfalls and possibilities of an online presence.

  • Mastering appropriate greetings and small talk
  • Presenting yourself with confidence and poise
  • Speaking confidently in formal and informal situations
  • Making a great first impression and being the best guest
  • Dining essentials; correct tableware, laying the table and eating challenging foods
  • Networking and social navigation
  • Managing one’s digital reputation and the impact of social media
  • Understanding dress codes for social events

Price: £2,350 ex-VAT, including lunch and refreshments for private coaching. (Please enquire for group rates and dates)

Location: Debrett’s, Central London

Contact: Olly Walker,

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