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Modern Gentleman’s Programme


  • Master the intricacies of etiquette across style, social and professional spheres
  • Create the best first impressions with gravitas and grace
  • Experience first-hand the history and conventions of Savile Row, exploring the complexities of dress codes and styleCommunicate calm confidence and perfect your personal impact through body language, dress and style. This three-day course teaches the essential facets of confident and courteous behaviour from three angles – style, social and professional – encouraging new skills and behaviours to guarantee success and self-assurance both professionally and personally. The programme includes excursions to a men’s outfitter’s on Savile Row, Claridge’s for lunch, and a traditional afternoon tea.
  • Formal greetings and body language
  • Elevator pitch and public speaking
  • The art and science of networking
  • Guide to formal dining and afternoon tea
  • Everyday manners, both social and professional
  • Understanding personal style and dress codes
  • Intricacies of the British social Season
  • Putting it into practice – lunch at Claridge’s and a gentleman’s outing

For enquiries, call +44 (0)203 786 7420 or email

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