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From Classroom to Boardroom


This Easter holiday, students around the UK will be burying themselves in their books as they revise for summer exams. We know how important academic qualifications are, but we also know that they can only go so far when it comes to getting a job. To help your teen make that all-important transition from the comforts of home to full-fledged independence, we have devised a one-day course for secondary school students.

Focusing on the personal attributes that ensure they stand out when applying for work experience, university or a job, members of our expert panel will lead workshops in:

  • Writing a CV
  • Interview preparation
  • First impressions
  • Dressing for interviews and the workplace


  • Techniques to ensure a polished, professional and distinctive CV
  • An understanding of the interview process and how to approach it fully prepared and with plenty of confidence
  • An awareness of how you communicate through your body language and silent signals
  • Tips on how to network and form prospective contact
  • Tools to present and pitch yourself effectively
  • An understanding of business dress codes and your personal style
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