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In an increasingly global landscape, the difference between winning and losing a deal often comes down to soft skills rather than technical knowledge.

Our corporate courses are designed to help professionals polish their interpersonal and cultural skills for business success.

For more information on any of the below, please call us on 0203 950 5240 or email DanScothern@debretts.co.uk for more information.


Public Speaking and the Art of Persuasion

Every public speaking opportunity is a chance to shine, a chance to build your profile and brand. This programme shows you how to make the most of the speaking opportunities in your personal and professional life. We can show you how to speak with presence and gravitas and how to stand out from the crowd.
There are a number of elements to the Debrett’s public speaking programme – but our main aim is to ensure that speakers are natural, engaging and persuasive. The programme will start by exploring the secrets of great speakers and can then be tailored to suit the needs of the client.


Topics Include:

  • The secrets of great speakers
  • Using scripts or notes
  • Using slides, graphics and pitch books
  • Creating a winning structure
  • Handling the questions
  • Handling nerves
  • Understanding and adapting your style

Networking for Business Development

Do you want to discover the networking tips that really work? If you know how to make a strong and positive connection when you meet someone for the first time, your business relationship will be stronger and quicker to build.
Networking is more than just making small talk; it is about creating a positive and lasting impression on people who could support you. It requires a sound understanding of your own style, as well as thought and planning. We show how to prepare for a networking event, whether it is with clients or colleagues.

Topics Include:

  • The science of networking
  • Adapting your communication style
  • Devising your strategy
  • Working the room
  • Making a positive impact
  • Projecting confidence
  • Following up after the event

The Art and Science of Pitching and Persuading

Face-to-face meetings and formal pitches are often vital for securing deals. Learn how to pitch and persuade effectively to sell your products, your ideas or your business, with advice for constructing compelling messages and delivering them with confidence. Take away practical tips for giving an engaging delivery as well as some invaluable confidence hacks.


Topics Include:

  • The science behind a successful pitch
  • Less is more and the curse of knowledge
  • Thoughts and feelings versus facts and figures
  • Crash course in confident delivery
  • Confidence hacks

impact for women

This one-day group programme equips women with the tools to overcome challenges such as the gender pay gap, the challenge of balancing career progression with childcare, and a continued lack of representation at board level.

Through a combination of theory, practice, role play and individual feedback led by two expert tutors, participants will develop their confidence and learn how to project it to inspire and motivate others. They will hone the communication skills necessary to anticipate and rise to challenges in an arena that often puts them at a disadvantage.


Topics Include:

  • Building rapport
  • Making an impact and mastering communication
  • Defining your personal brand
  • Building and maintaining a network

EA/ PA Programme

Discover how to be a great PA or EA. This programme has been specially developed to focus on building rapport with clients, becoming the trusted source for all forms of address queries and the etiquette of balancing formality with informality in professional situations.

Become the best possible ambassador for your company with polished and professional communication by email, on the phone and in person, while gaining the skills required to organise and front corporate events and hospitality.


Topics Include:

  • Forms of address in correspondence and in person
  • Building rapport with clients
  • Being a polished and professional brand ambassador
  • Managing events and corporate hospitality

Corporate Dining and Hosting

Discover how to be a good host at a business dinner. Knowing what to do in formal and informal dining situations and across different cultures is a vital but undervalued skill, given that business relationships typically start with a phone call and are almost always followed by a dining occasion.

If you are the host, it is essential to know how to make your clients and associates feel at ease. Our entertaining and hospitality programme will explain this and will allow your business to maximise all potential hosting and entertaining opportunities.


Topics Include:

  • Guide to formal dining
  • International dining customs and formalities
  • Buying and receiving gifts
  • Dining out at restaurants
  • Other forms of corporate hospitality

‘Thank you so much for running such an interesting and insightful training session this morning. We found it absolutely fascinating and it really has helped us to get our head around the basics of such a complicated system!’


British and International Etiquette

Learn how to win clients overseas by avoiding cultural faux pas. Debrett’s has developed programmes that enable us to share our unrivalled knowledge of British business and social etiquette with professionals looking to build their business on a British, European and global stage.

In addition to international business etiquette, we also help those who need specific knowledge to do business successfully in Asia and the Middle East. Our expert tutors help clients adjust their existing approach to match the business culture of these critical markets.


Topics Include:

  • The importance of regional or national culture
  • Understanding your own culture
  • Greetings and silent signals
  • Formal and informal dining
  • International sales
  • Customs and taboos
  • International business style
  • Understanding corporate dress and enhancing professional image