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Networking for Business Development

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Industry: Technology

Client: One of China’s leading software firms, providing multilingual localisation, translation, testing, and software development for global companies in over 100 languages

Client Need: To build rapport with global clients in the context of cultural, language and geographical barriers

Debrett’s Expertise

In September 2016, Debrett’s led two interactive networking workshops for an audience of 200 company employees and clients at an annual global conference.

Knowing how to network effectively is key to establishing new business opportunities and contacts. For many who find it daunting to speak to strangers or even peripheral acquaintances, however, networking can be laced with social obstacles and challenges. The challenge of retaining a professional image in an environment outside the office only increases the opportunity for pitfalls.

Our expert coach engaged and educated the audience in the many intricacies of networking, from reading body language and understanding the cultural differences in personal space, to how to best approach people at an event and ensure a follow-up call to action.

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