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Professional Image Course

Half-Day Programme

Contact: +44 (0)20 3705 2210 or email

  • Group course (10-12 people): £3,750 plus VAT
  • Private coaching: £850 plus VAT per person

Discounted prices for programme combinations apply


We live in a very image-led world. How we come across in a business environment both through the way we interact and how we look has great impact on the level of trust our colleagues and clients have in us, and in our career development.This course will look at what lies on the outside, and is a progression from our Executive Impact and Professional Gravitas Course.

It builds upon an understanding of appropriate dress codes and personal style, both in the office environment and for corporate hospitality. It will also explore the importance of a professional digital profile.

Course Modules

Dress Codes and the Season

Knowing what dress code is appropriate for any given occasion. Linking this with Seasonal events where correct dress code is held in high regard



Personal Style

Understanding the difference between fashion and style, how to be confident and understated in your approach to clothes, and the finishing touches that ensure you look at your best – both in the office environment and at other work events



Digital Profile

Considering the power and reach that an online profile can have, and the impact it can have on your personal image

Key Outcomes

  • Attendees will understand dress codes for different occasions – what is correct and to be avoided
  • Attendees will know about the subtleties of personal style – ensuring that they appear polished yet understated in the work place or at events – allowing them to communicate confidence
  • Attendees will understand how key their digital profile is in portraying their professional image to the outside world

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