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Presentation and Communication Skills

Full-Day Programme

Contact: +44 (0)20 3705 2210 or email

If you fear public speaking, you are not alone. Surveys have shown that over 85% of people are terrified of speaking in public or suffer from speech anxiety. This fear afflicts many in the business world, whether you are called upon to speak at an internal meeting, pitching a deal to clients, or asked to present in a room full of your colleagues and managers.

Our Presentation and Communication Skills course will develop your confidence in presenting and public speaking. We teach you to inspire, persuade and motivate any audience to whom you speak, and to master your presence, poise and impact to make sure your message is heard. You will learn to contain your stress, thereby putting both you and your audience at ease. You will learn the structure, flow and ‘bounce points’ to make a compelling presentation, ensuring it contains a clear message, remains interesting and is impactful.

“Thoroughly engaging, concise and useful. An enjoyable day that has proved very insightful.”

Weatherbys, October 2015.

Key Outcomes

  • Delegates will learn how to ease their nerves and radiate confidence when addressing an audience as well as how to capture and maintain audience attention
  • Delegates will establish what is effective and engaging body language while avoiding what can be distracting for an audience
  • Delegates will have a sound understanding of the power of the human voice, the emotions it can convey and how it can be used effectively to sell an idea or a message
  • Delegates will understand how to read an audience and be in control of chatterers and dissenters
  • Through video analysis, delegates will be in receipt of constructive feedback on their natural delivery style
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