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Personal and Executive Assistants

Two-Day Programme

Contact: +44 (0)20 3705 2210 or email


  • Corporate group course: £7,500 + VAT for up to 6 delegates
  • Private open group course: £1,500 plus VAT

Personal and Executive Assistants are often responsible for the first impression of an executive or business. The most highly skilled and experienced assistants also have the efficiency, professionalism and expertise to enhance their business by creating new opportunities, nurturing relationships and resolving issues.

Advanced Skills Day One

Personal and executive assistants will learn how to build rapport with clients and contacts effectively, become the trusted source for correct forms of address and understand the importance of balancing formality and familiarity in a professional setting.

Day One Modules

First Impressions

Polishing personal presentation and mastering professional introductions to be the best brand ambassador

Correct Form in Communication

Understanding etiquette and forms of address for telephone, conference calls and business meetings

Forms of Address

Mastering the accurate use of titles and correct form for written correspondence and in verbal address

Business Correspondence

Correct form for business letters, professional emails and business cards. Learning how to avoid common grammatical and language errors

Advanced Skills Day Two

Delegates will exceed expectations in their role as a business ambassador and ensure their professional etiquette and use of complex correct forms of address are always impeccable. They will host clients with grace, organise high profile corporate events and handle challenging situations with poise and diplomacy, always leaving a positive impression

Day Two Modules

Personal Impact

Honing your professional style and understanding dress codes for specific occasions

Effective Networking

Pre-event guestlist research to maximise opportunities to forge contacts, introducing yourself, building and nurturing long-term relationships

Event Management

Planning and organising meetings, events and conferences, understanding correct form for invitations, place names and name badges

Business Etiquette

Balancing formality and familiarity in a professional context, understanding hidden hierarchies, dealing effectively with challenging situations and developing a finely tuned attention to detail

‘I found it incredible. The teaching, the interaction, the information provided, the honest notes of improvement to each candidate was honourable and much appreciated… Keep doing what you’re doing. You really are the experts.’

EA to Chief Executive, Venture Capital Firm, 2016

‘The course material was relevant, detailed and covered many areas…Lady Celestria, Louise and James were strong course instructors.They had excellent credentials, were sharp and observant, explained things clearly, illustrated points with good examples, gave constructive comments, and did it all with humour…This is a good quality course, I would recommend it to PAs of top executives.’ 

PA to Partner, Online Learning and Training Provider, 2016

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