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Networking Skills Course


Contact: +44 (0)20 3705 2210 or email

  • Group course: £6,000 plus VAT for up to 12 delegates
  • Private coaching: £1,600 plus VAT per person

While most people are comfortable with the notion of networking online, most successful business interactions require networking face-to-face. Knowing how to network effectively is key to establishing new business opportunities and contacts. For many who find it daunting to speak to strangers or even peripheral acquaintances, however, networking can be laced with social obstacles and challenges. Coupling this with the challenge of retaining a professional image in an environment outside the office only increases the opportunity for social pitfalls.

Debrett’s Networking Skills Course teaches you how to prepare for a networking event outside the office environment, from making your approach and establishing conversation, to withdrawing from a conversation and establishing a ‘call to action’. Appropriate topics of conversation, dress codes, and how to navigate dining etiquette and difficult foods will all be covered in order to further your professional relationship with an existing client or develop one with a new client. In addition, as online networking is often mistakenly undertaken with less formality than face-to-face interaction, we also teach you how to network effectively online and be aware of your social media footprint.

Course Modules

The Networking Skills programme is a one-day course, delivered by two Debrett’s accredited expert tutors who have a wealth of experience working with professionals and private clients. The training can be delivered at the Debrett’s training facilities in central London or at a preferred location. The course starts at 10am, breaks for lunch at 1pm and concludes at 4pm. The course covers the following modules:

First Impressions

Eye contact, meeting and greeting, small talk to get you started, the use of business cards

Body Language

Deportment, posture, standing, sitting, entering and leaving a room. How to make your approach to those at a networking event

Networking Conversation

How to get the most out of meeting someone. Composing and delivering your personal and/or business pitch with focus and clarity of thought, while being vocally strong and engaging

Networking online and your social media footprint

How to effectively build and sustain your network online, and being aware of the impact your social media footprint can have

Dining Etiquette

Table plans, how to host and be the perfect guest, formal dining etiquette and dining challenges

Out-of-office conversation

Recommendations for subjects of discussion away from the office environment

Out-of-office Dress Codes

Appropriate attire for a work event outside the office, defining ‘Smart Casual’

Key Outcomes

  • Delegates will learn how to set objectives to make the most of a networking event and how best to accomplish them within the timeframe
  • With an understanding of the use of body language, delegates will know how best to approach people – whether individuals or groups, how to start and end a conversation and ensure a follow-up ‘call to action’
  • Delegates will learn the correct approach to online networking and be aware of how influential their own online social media profile can be
  • Delegates will be equipped to demonstrate informed dining etiquette through table manners and in mastering tricky foods
  • Delegates will understand out of office dress codes and what is appropriate attire for work-centric social events
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